Succession & Tax Planning

Succession & Tax Planning

We have teamed up with mfg solicitors to deliver FREE OF CHARGE succession planning seminars - the next one is at Harper Adams University on Monday 10th July 6.30 pm.  Ring 01630 692500 for more information or see invite at foot of the page.

Forward-thinking, practical, innovative and sympathetic advice and assistance for future-proofing your business 

A successful business rarely stands still and the future is coming whether we are ready or not! Astute business men and women understand and appreciate the need to ensure careful tax planning, not only from year to year but from generation to generation.

Succession vs Inheritance

Succession is the formal transfer of managerial control whilst inheritance is the transfer of ownership of assets. Whilst the two are often inextricably intertwined, they are separate processes, both of which can cause concern, conflict and consternation in a family-owned business.

The team at Barbers Rural are highly experienced in helping families to forward-plan for both succession and inheritance. With a deep understanding of the tax implications of inheritance our team can talk you through the options and suggest innovative ways to maximise tax benefits.

Equally as important is the transfer of control of the business and our empathetic team are able to assist families in all aspects of succession planning including:

  • Facilitating family succession discussions
  • Assisting with developing an appropriate succession plan
  • Identifying and resolving inheritance issues
  • Training and development of identified successors

Partner Louise Taylor has worked in business development and management for over 25 years. Whilst studying for a Master of Arts Degree in Human Resources Management, Louise majored on the management of family businesses and in particular, the effect of change in a family business. Having also completed a Master of Science Degree in Rural Estate and Land Management, during which she undertook empirical research into succession planning in family farms, Louise has qualified as a Evaluative Mediator with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and she employs a facilitiative approach to helping families with the difficult conversations that succession can prompt. Louise’s experience in developing family businesses, in-depth knowledge of succession planning and processing and her empathetic approach to family dynamics make her the perfect partner for your succession planning process.  Much of Louise's succession work is done under the trading name of Taylor Millbrook.

RICS Accredited Mediator