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FSA to allow cloned offspring into food chain.

26th MayPosted by Louise Taylor

According to the Farmers Guardian, the Food Standards Agecny (FSA) has changed its advice to Government Ministers on allowing meat and milk from the descendants of cloned cattle and pigs into the food chain.

If Ministers accept the advice, it could pave the way for the offspring of cloned animals to enter the UK food chain later this year.

Last summer, the agency insisted meat from the offspring of cloned animals sold into the food chain by a Scottish farmer should have been...

Hot and dry summer is on its way according to experts.

18th MayPosted by Louise Taylor

WEATHER experts have warned farmers and growers they could be facing a hot and dry summer like the country saw in 1976.

Meteorologists at Netweather, who have a strong record with their long range forecasts, said the summer will be hot and dry with the hottest months being June and July.

They also said there will be long runs of hot, humid days.

Netweather forecaster Stewart Rampling said: “Of the post war summers, 1976 was perhaps the...

Government told to 'Rip Up Red Tape'.

18th MayPosted by Louise Taylor

The Farmers Weekly reports that Defra has been challenged with creating a new culture of regulation as part of a 200-step plan to ease the burden of red tape within agriculture.

Farm minister Jim Paice was told the government needed to build a relationship with the farming industry based on trust to enable the number of farm inspections to be slashed.

Setting out more than 200 recommendations for cutting agricultural regulation, independent Farming Regulation Task Force...

Badger vaccination trial in Devon.

21st AprilPosted by Louise Taylor

Over the next month, 18 farms on the National Trust's Killerton estate in Devon will commence with a four-year badger vaccination programme which could pave the way to the widespread use of vaccination as a way of tackling bovine TB in cattle.

It is hoped that the programme, funded by the charity which owns many farms in hot-spot areas, will show vaccination as a viable alternative to culling as a means of controlling the disease in wildlife.  It is believed that the prgramme will...

Badger Trust to challenge cull.

18th AprilPosted by Louise Taylor

The Farmers Weekly reports that the Welsh Assembly Government's planned badger cull look set to be challenged in the courts yet again as the Badger Trust has announced that it is preparing to being legal proceedings.

A statement over the weekend by the trust’s chairman, David Williams, said that it was looking at a “return to law” over the Assembly’s bovine TB eradication culling legislation.

He said the trust, with the support of landowner...

'Make Mine Milk' celebrates 1st Birthday.

13th AprilPosted by Louise Taylor

As the 'Make Mine Milk' campaign moves into its second year, studies monitoring the campaign show awareness of it, monitored by Researchcraft, has reached 50% amongst the British public with 68% of females aged 13 - 24 saying they are familiary with the campaign.

Data from Kantar shows an increase in the amount of milk being purchased in Great Britain with sales up 1.8% for the 52 week period ending February 2011.

Dairy UK director general Jim Begg said: “The ‘make mine Milk’...

New study claims that a badger cull would reduce TB.

13th AprilPosted by Louise Taylor

A report in the Farmers' Guardian says that new figures show that badger culling continues to result in major reductions in TB incidences up to four and half years after the end of a cull, and that the results could be even more positive in the planned West Wales target cull area.

The latest results show a 31.5% reduction in confirmed TB herd incidences in English badger culling areas over the four and half year period after badger culling ended and a reduction o 37% in the six months...

Badger Trust urges Govt to abandon badger cull plans.

11th AprilPosted by Louise Taylor

The Badger Trust has written to David Cameron demanding that the planned badger culls in England and Wales are abandoned in light of the allegations of fraud concerning bovine TB reactors.

The badger charity has also written to Nick Clegg, Caroline Spelman and Jim Paice to raise concerns over the allegations.

The Trust claims that Defra’s ‘sudden, massive and expensive response to the scandal’ suggests ‘these crimes are widespread rather than local’.

The letter urges...

Animal Health and Veterinary Laboratories Agencies merged.

7th AprilPosted by Louise Taylor

The Animal Health and Veterinary Laboratories Agency merged on 1st April to create the Animal Health and Veterinary Laboratories Agency (AHVLA).  Both agencies work to combat animal diseases and it is reported that bringing together their services, expertise and scientific capability will create a stronger organisation capable of providing a range of vital services to the livestock farming industry and related sectors.

The merger will increase the resilience of the combined agency's...

Jim Paice calls for farmers to reduce emissions.

5th AprilPosted by Louise Taylor

A report in the Farmers Weekly says that farm minister Jim Paice has challenged the agricultural industry to honour its commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  A Greenhouse Gas Action Plan (GHGAP) has been launched by farm leaders yesterday which sets out how the industry will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 3m tonnes of CO2 equivalents.  The plan focuses on ways farmers can reach the target by 2020 while saving costs and without compromising production.  The government will...


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