Succession Planning

21st AprilPosted by Louise Taylor

Read Louise Taylor's latest article on Succession Planning for farming families published in the Farmer's Guardian.  "A farm without a succession plan is like a ship without a captain."


IHT and Succession Planning - Is there a difference?

24th NovemberPosted by Louise Taylor

I am finding more and more often that clients are mistaking Inheritance Tax Planning for Succession Planning.  Certainly a carefully thought out succession plan needs to include prudent tax planning but the two are not the same and I fear that succession planning, particularly in farming, is still not receiving the attention it rightly deserves.

As most readers will know each UK resident adult has a nil rate tax band for inheritance tax purposes of £325k with an additional new...

Failing to plan could mean planning to fail

30th AugustPosted by Louise Taylor

We have all heard the old addage that 'Failing to plan means planning to fail' but are we really listening?  Everyone is talking about succession planning but is anyone actually trying to fathom out what to do?

Writing in the Farmers Guardian, Helen Gough (Associate in Agricultural and Rural Affairs with MFG Solicitors in Worcester) warns that farmers across the UK could be leaving their children with 'crippling' tax bills after they die.  She goes on to say that complex inheritance...

Rural Payments Agency - Where are we up to?

21st JanuaryPosted by Louise Taylor

Rural Payments Agency – Where are we up to?
The new Basic Payment Scheme replaced the old Single Farm Payment Scheme earlier this year although there seemed to be very little ‘basic’ about the administration of it!  The Rural Payments Agency claim to be on track to commence making payments under the scheme in December with a promise of 30,000 farmers being paid on 1st December, although as I write I have not heard of any cheques arriving on farm.  Payments are likely...

Wind Turbine approvals

29th JulyPosted by Mike Taylor

Barbers Rural have recently been successful in obtaining planning approval for three new wind turbines on farms in North Shropshire and Staffordshire. One is now up and running and two more are likely to be erected shortly.

The turbines have a nominal output of 20kw on a 20 metre high mast and will provide part of the eletricity requirement for energy conscious farming businesses. Dependant upon wind speed, these turbines are expected to produce around 40,000kw hours per anum.


ADAS searching for suitable solar park sites.

21st DecemberPosted by Louise Taylor

ADAS, the environmental consultancy, has teamed up with international solar photovoltaic (PV) experts Enfinity to begin installing what will be the UK's biggest solar energy parks.  These installations will provide a real opportunity for farmers and land owners to secure a 25 year revenue stream.

ADAS' role is to indentify suitable sites for solar power to be installed.  They will be focussing initially in Southern England and South Wales and suitable sites need to be flat, have good...

Landowners urged to take professional advice on telecom masts.

20th DecemberPosted by Louise Taylor

Farmers and landowners are being urged by the CAAV (Central Association of Agricultural Valuers) and NFU to take professional advice before signing new or updated contracts with telecoms firms.

Many of the main operators of telecoms masts have been reviewing their sites and looking for ways to reduce costs.  Some are sharing sites with other operators, while others are seeking rent reductions, even though a rent review might not be due under the terms of the lease.


Country dwellers must register septic tanks

23rd NovemberPosted by Mike Taylor

From the 1st Jan 2012 all those with existing septic tanks or small treatment plants must register for an exemption with the Environment Agency.

Even if you have had your existing septic tank for ages, a new application for exemption is required.


Fees won at Public Inquiry

24th SeptemberPosted by Mike Taylor

The Welsh Assembly confirmed today that we have been successful on behalf of a client in obtaining re-payment of professional fees. This followed a lengthy public Inquiry last autumn into a road scheme through our client's farm.

We were successful in obtaining various vital modifications to the scheme which the Highway Authority were not prepared to concede through negotiations. This meant that the impact on our client's farm was considerably reduced. Now the client has the...

Long awaited update of Fertiliser Manual published by DEFRA

10th JunePosted by Dan Bowden

The long awaited update of the Fertliser Manual RB209 has been published by DEFRA and can now be downloaded from the DEFRA website.  The manual provides official recommendations for the use of lime and other major nutrients on most field grown crops.  Its purpose is to help farmers and growers achieve good nutrient management.



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