Barbers Rural News

  • Vicious urban foxes could be the tip of the iceberg.

    9th JunePosted by Louise Taylor

    The maiming of twin baby girls by a fox in East London has prompted heighted concerns about the growing population of foxes and badgers.  There is a suggestion that if fox and badger numbers are allowed to remain unchecked, the shocking situation could be repeated.

    Our very own Bob Oakes commented that had the recent attack been carried out by a badger, the current debate over badger culling would be brought to a swift end.

    John Pugh, Mid Wales farmer...

  • Not everyone is sorry to see Tesco's Chief Executive go!

    9th JunePosted by Louise Taylor

    Although Chief Executive, Sir Terry Leahy, has grown Tesco into one of the world's biggest retailers, his announcement yesterday that he will stand down from the post in March 2011 has sparked sharp criticism from Friends of the Earth.  Campaigners for Friends of the Earth have characterised his 14 year reign as one of bullying farmers and driving independent retailers out of businses. The position of Chief Exec will be taken on by Phil Clarke who began his 35 year career with the retail...

  • Government redesignates gardens as greenfield sites.

    9th JunePosted by Louise Taylor

    Tthe Government have announced this morning that residential gardens, which were previously designated as brownfield sties,  will be redesignated as greenfield sites.  The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors have spoken out against the decision, saying that this will lead to an increase in planning pemission granted on greenfield sites. Watch this space for more information.

  • Newport Show only a month away!

    8th JunePosted by Louise Taylor

    Newport Show is only 4 weeks away - Saturday 10th July.  We are already looking forward to seeing you all on our new stand which will be down by the cattle lines.  We have lots of things planned, particularly for the children, so why not bring them along and let them have some fun while you enjoy some refreshments?  To find out more about Newport Show visit

  • Arable land price on the increase.

    8th JunePosted by Mike Taylor

    Strutt & Parker have announced that English arable land has continued to post strong gains in recent weeks and is now worth £1000 /acre more on average than a year ago. It is suggested that the overall lack of supply has forced people to compete for blocks of land but farmers have been reluctant to reach for their chequebooks with investors driving the market.  Read more..


  • First Milk to raise price of milk.

    8th JunePosted by Louise Taylor

    First Milk has announced that it will increase the price it pays the dairy farmers in its milk pools by up to 0.5p/litre.  The price increases will take effect from 1st June.  Read more...

  • Good grass management cuts carbon emissions.

    8th JunePosted by Dan Bowden

    Good grass management could cut greenhouse emissions from livestock by up to 15% according to EBLEX.   Feeds low in indigestible fibre, like high quality grass, lead to less methane being produced in the rumen and therefore, burped out, says EBLEX head of research and development Duncan Pullar.

    "So by spending greater attention on selecting grass types and ensuring grasslands are properly managed helps cuts emissions." This will hopefully go...

  • Wheat prices fall.

    8th JunePosted by Mike Taylor

    Wheat prices have fallen by more than £5/t over the last week as Sterling strengthened against the Euro and US Dollar. Read more....

  • The sun shines on Staffordshire Farmers!

    4th JunePosted by Mike Taylor

    Stafford Show was a huge success this week, made all the more enjoyable by the gorgeous weather.  We were very busy on the stand both days and were delighted to see so many of our clients from Staffordshire and Shropshire.  We hope it was our professional advice they were seeking but I think it was the cool, refreshing punch which they were interested in!  Congratulations to the Show Committee who organised a flawless show yet again.  It was a tremendous turnout and a fantastic day out for...

  • Increases in Capital Gains Tax could affect buy to let market.

    28th MayPosted by Louise Taylor

    The Government’s plans to raise capital gains tax (CGT) from 18 per cent to up to 40 per cent on second homes came just as confidence appeared to be returning to the buy-to-let market.

    Last week, The Mortgage Works, part of Nationwide, launched its first buy-to-let deal requiring only a 20 per cent deposit — previously, 25 per cent was needed.  Read more...