Barbers Rural News

  • Wheat prices fall.

    8th JunePosted by Mike Taylor

    Wheat prices have fallen by more than £5/t over the last week as Sterling strengthened against the Euro and US Dollar. Read more....

  • The sun shines on Staffordshire Farmers!

    4th JunePosted by Mike Taylor

    Stafford Show was a huge success this week, made all the more enjoyable by the gorgeous weather.  We were very busy on the stand both days and were delighted to see so many of our clients from Staffordshire and Shropshire.  We hope it was our professional advice they were seeking but I think it was the cool, refreshing punch which they were interested in!  Congratulations to the Show Committee who organised a flawless show yet again.  It was a tremendous turnout and a fantastic day out for...

  • Increases in Capital Gains Tax could affect buy to let market.

    28th MayPosted by Louise Taylor

    The Government’s plans to raise capital gains tax (CGT) from 18 per cent to up to 40 per cent on second homes came just as confidence appeared to be returning to the buy-to-let market.

    Last week, The Mortgage Works, part of Nationwide, launched its first buy-to-let deal requiring only a 20 per cent deposit — previously, 25 per cent was needed.  Read more...

  • Staffordshire Farmer unveils new anaerobic digestor

    28th MayPosted by Louise Taylor

    A STAFFORDSHIRE farmer has unveiled a new anaerobic digestion (AD) plant which will use both farm and domestic waste to generate enough energy to power 1,300 local homes.

    Ian Critchley, who keeps 1,800 pigs and grows a variety of arable crops, including maize, wheat, barley and oats at Lower Reule Farm in Staffordshire, will take on waste collected from homes by the local council as well as waste from supermarkets and food manufacturers. Read...

  • DEFRA cuts could be tip of the iceberg.

    28th MayPosted by Louise Taylor

    Farmers have been warned that the publicised cuts of £162m to DEFRA's budget could just be the tip of the icebery.  Defra have released only broad details of the 'efficiencies' it will be making but will include limiting recruitment and reducing the number of non-permanent staff; operational savings in IT, estates and procurement; efficiencies in flood management and savings in the delivery of selected programmes.  Read more...

  • Stafford Show looming! Wednesday 2nd and Thursday 3rd June.

    27th MayPosted by Louise Taylor

    We are busy preparing for Stafford Show next week and are very much hoping for fine weather.  We will be in the same spot as last year, next to the Members Pavilion, so why not call in and have a drink, pick up our up to date newsletter and see our new corporate image!

  • Sainsbury's launch cow welfare code.

    27th MayPosted by Louise Taylor

    In an attempt to raise the standards of dairy production across its suppliers, Sainsbury's have launched a new welfare code of practice saying that it reflects consumer demand for assurances on welfare.  Read more ...

  • Barbers Rural Newsletter Issue 2 (June 2010)

    27th MayPosted by Louise Taylor

    Our up to date newsletter is now available on line.  With news, views and information about current property for sale you can down load it here.

  • New data from Imperial College London backs badger cull

    27th MayPosted by Louise Taylor

    Farming organisations in England and Wales say the case for a badger cull has been significantly enhanced by 'incredible new data suggesting the benefits are considerably more than originally thought.  Read more

  • DEFRA budget to be cut by £162 m

    25th MayPosted by Louise Taylor

    Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osbourne, and Chief Secretary to the Treasury, David Laws, have announced today that as part of a broader package of savings, DEFRA's 2010/11 bedget is to be cut by £162 million.  The detail of these cuts is yet to be confirmed. Read more...