Barbers Rural News

  • Wool producers set to gain from price rises.

    14th JunePosted by Dan Bowden

    Sheep producers are set to receive a 'significantly higher' wool cheque from the British Wool Marketing Board to reflect a record breaking demand which has pushed wool prices to their highest level for over a decade.  Based on recent prices achieved at auctions held at the BWMB's Bradford headquarters there is every indication that next year will also see a considerable price increase.  Read more...



  • Welsh Assembly has suspended badger cull.

    14th JunePosted by Louise Taylor

    The Welsh Assembly Government has decided to suspend the start of its planned West Wales badger cull until the outcome is known of the Badger Trust initiated High Court appeal.  Rural Affairs Minister, Elin Jones, said on Friday that the High Court had already rejected the Badger Trust application for a judicial review, comprehensively dismissing its four grounds of challenge.  Read more...


  • Feed-in Tariffs for solar power could inspire new generation.

    14th JunePosted by Mike Taylor

    Solarcentury, the British solar power company, says that the recently announced arrival of Feed-in Tariffs has shortened the payback period for photo-voltaic panels.  This could mean that the average barn roof could be earning more than £20,000 a year by generating electricity.


    A big barn roof with PV panels totalling 400sq m can produce up to 60kW in idea conditions, according to Solarcentury.  Averaged over a year, that would amount to 51,000 kWh  of electricity.  The...

  • Young Female Farmer achieves lifelong ambition - Ladies Organic Milk.

    11th JunePosted by Louise Taylor

    Farming might still be a male dominated profession but JESS VAUGHAN has achieved her childhood dream of running her own enterprise by setting up Ladies Organic Milk.  Jess shares the tenancy on the farm in Hardwick, just south of Gloucester, with her father, Mike Vaughan, and is the third generation to make a living from it.  Jess jokes that she may as well tell people she is an alient when she first tells people that she is a 'young female farmer'. 


  • Bob Oakes takes to his bike!

    11th JunePosted by Louise Taylor

    For those of you following the progress of Bob Oakes' recovery from his recent operation you will be delighted to hear that Bob has ridden his bike to work this morning!  Look out if you are out and about on the roads in Drayton - he might seem like a good target but give him a wide berth!

  • Wales to press ahead with badger cull.

    11th JunePosted by Louise Taylor

    Despite a fresh legal challenge from conservationists, Wales will press ahead with plans for a badger cull to control bovine tuberculosis in cattle.  The Welsh Assembly Government said it would continue with preparations even though it faces opposition from the Badger Trust.  The trust has been granted permission to appeal a High Court decision that the plan to implement a cull of badgers in West Wales is lawful.  Read more....




  • DEFRA task force to look at ways of reducing red tape on UK farms.

    10th JunePosted by Louise Taylor

    Richard MacDonald, former NFU director general, is to chair a DEFRA task force to look at ways of reducing red tape on UK farms.

    Agriculture Minister, Jim Paice, made the announcement at the Cereals Event yesterday morning and explained that the Task Force on Farming Regulation will identify ways to reduce the regulatory burden througha review of the relevant regulations and their implementation, as well as advise on how best to achieve a risk-based system of...

  • Long awaited update of Fertiliser Manual published by DEFRA

    10th JunePosted by Dan Bowden

    The long awaited update of the Fertliser Manual RB209 has been published by DEFRA and can now be downloaded from the DEFRA website.  The manual provides official recommendations for the use of lime and other major nutrients on most field grown crops.  Its purpose is to help farmers and growers achieve good nutrient management.


  • Falling beef prices could undermine the sustainability of UK beef production.

    10th JunePosted by Mike Taylor

    The NFU  has warned that falling beef prices could undermine the sustainability of UK beef production.  The warning comes after EBLEX figures revealed that the gap between farmgate and retail beef prices widened between April and May with producers receiving almost 47% of the final retail price last month.

    Although the average retail price was similar to 2009 prices, the farm price had dropped around 20p / kilo.



  • 24 acres of pasture land at Astley on the market.

    9th JunePosted by Annabel Fearnall

    We have just put 24.79 acres of land on the market at Astley (Shawbury, Nr Shrewsbury).  The land is formed in two parcels and is currently cropped with permanent pasure, although some is equally suited for growing arable crops.  The land has been grazed by stock and offers the potential for stock or amenity uses.  More information...