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  • Local cheesemaker beats Yorkshire producers at their own game!

    2nd AugustPosted by Louise Taylor

    Local Cheshire-based cheesemaker, Joseph Heler, beat Yorkshire cheese producers at the Great Yorkshire Show with its Wensleydale cheese.

    Wensleydale is an ancient British territorial cheese and was originally made at Jervaulx Abbey in Yorkshire by the monks who came to England with William the Conqueror. 

    The Joseph Heler Wensleydale is creamy white in colour with a slightly flaky texture.  Managing Director, Mike Heler, said: "Wensleydale is a cheese that Yorkshire prides...

  • Milk from cloned cows on sale in UK supermarkets.

    2nd AugustPosted by Louise Taylor

    An investigation is to be launced by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) after a British dairy farmer has claimed that supermarkets are selling milk from cloned cows.

    The anonymous farmer allerted the FSA to the alleged illegal practice during an intervierw with the International Herald and Tribune over the weekend.  His claims have resulted in calls for an investigation after he admitted he had been producing milk from the offspring of a cloned cow and selling it into a British...

  • Meat production figures increased.

    23rd JulyPosted by Mike Taylor

    Data from Defra show that the production of red meat and offal increased by 5% iin the first half of 2010 compared to last year.

    Beef and veal production rose by 9%, to almost 460,000t, with slaughterings up by 5% and prime cattle carcass weights more than 10kg higher year on year.

    The Agriculture & Horticultural Development Board's latest report says 'Following the high prices recorded for all classes of store cattle at the spring sales, finishers have taken cattle through...

  • Drop in bovine TB levels.

    23rd JulyPosted by Louise Taylor

    Latest official figures show that the number of cattle slaughtered because of bovine TB fell by 25% over the first three months of this year to just over 9,000.  The drop was not consistent across the country, however, with big falls in some hotspot areas including much of the South West and Dyfed (Wales) but increases in incidence in some counties, notable Staffordshire.

    A number of reasons have been suggested including improved controls, a switch to Dutch tuberculin and the...

  • 2010 SPS payments could be delayed by mapping errors.

    23rd JulyPosted by Louise Taylor

    The Defra - commissioned review of the Rural Payments Agency was warned that problems with the Land Registry (RLR) mapping project could delay the delivery of the 2010 Single Payments.  The review team did not examine the project in detail but concluded that it was not 'well planned or well executed' based on what it saw.

    'Significant criticism' of the project from the farming industry was noted over the production of 'inaccurate or unrecognisable maps, particularly around boundaries...

  • Defra fined more than £160m for SPS errors.

    20th JulyPosted by Louise Taylor

    Defra is being forced to repay more than £160m to the European Commission for breaking the rules over administering farm subsidies.  EU states have been ordered to hand back £225.4m of farm money misspent between 2004 and 2007.  Mapping problems left the department with a £116.5m fine, while it was billed £44.6m for problems the Rural Payments Agency had with setting up the Single Payment Scheme.

    Agricultural Commissions, Dacian Diolos, said "We need to veryify that taxpayers money is...

  • 97 acres of agricultural land for sale near Market Drayton.

    20th JulyPosted by Annabel Fearnall

    We are pleased to offer for sale 97.72 acres (39.55 Ha) of agricultural land at Helshaw Grange near Market Drayton.  Offers are invited.

    This is a rare opportunity to purchase a substantial area of productive land in a convenient North Shopshire location.  The land has been in arable rotation for some years and is classified as Clifton on the Soil Survey of England and Wales, this being a coarse, loamy soil, suitable for cereals, grassland and potatoes.

    The farm is located...

  • Farmers Union of Wales call for badger cull licences.

    20th JulyPosted by Louise Taylor

    The Farmers Union of Wales has called for badger culling licences to be issued to cattle produces to help stem the spread of bovine TB.  The call has followed the court of appeal decision to block the progress of the Wales TB Eradication Order 2009 which included legislation for a limited badger cull. 

    The FUW president, Gareth Vaughan, acknowedged that the assembly government had pledged to press on with its eradication plan but he said that farmers need action on TB now.  Speaking...

  • RPA boss set to quit.

    14th JulyPosted by Louise Taylor

    The Chief Executive of the Rural Payments Agency (RPA). Tony Coooper,  is due to leave his post at the end of this month.

    Mr Cooper joined the agency as Interim Cheif Exec in May 2006 and was confirmed in the position in June 2001.  He has announced that he will take early retirement for personal reasons.  His announcement has come as Defra prepares to publish the findings of a major review into the agency's handling of the Single Payment Scheme in England.

    Mr Cooper said he...

  • Animal clones could spark US trade problems

    13th JulyPosted by Mike Taylor

    Until US authorities can prove that their produce is not from a cloned animal, Euro MPs are calling for a complete ban on US meat and semen imports.  The EU currently imports nearly £2 billion of bovine meat and £30 million of semen from the US every year.  However, because animal cloning is 'widespread and unregulated' in the US, Scottish MEP Struan Stevenson said imports could easily be from first generation cloned animals.  'Once again we have tough regulations for our farmers but have no...