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  • FSA confirm that meat from offspring of a cloned animal has entered the UK supply chain.

    4th AugustPosted by Louise Taylor

    Following on from yesterday's blog regarding the milk from cloned animals, the Food Standards Agency has confirmed that meat from the offspring of a cloned animal has entered the UK supply chain.

    As part of the investigation into the milk from the offspring of cloned animals, the FSA has traced two bulls born in the UK from embryos harvested from a cloned cow in the US.  The first was born in December 2006 and was slaughtered in July 2009 and the agency found that meat from this...

  • Wheat prices soar to new heights.

    4th AugustPosted by Louise Taylor

    The price of wheat has soared over the past month and has resulted in the greatest one month increase for 30 years.  European wheat prices jumped by 8% per tonne earlier this week, their highest level in two years.  Analysts say that prices have incrased by 50% since last June.

    The jump has mainly been due to severe drought conditions in russia (one of the world's leading exporters) and has led to an increase in the cost of straw, animal fee and flour based consumer goods.


  • Government announce plans for supermarket 'adjudicator' to protect farmers.

    4th AugustPosted by Louise Taylor

    The Government has announced plans to create a supermarket 'adjudictor' to investigate and solve supply disputes between farmers, suppliers and supermarkets.

    Farmers will be able to appraoch the Groceries Code Adjudicator (GCA) to complain about any unfair treatment from supermarkets.  The complainant's identity will remain anonymous to avoid reprisals from suppliers or supermarkets.

    Farms have long been calling for a supermarket ombudsmen but until now have had no outlet to...

  • Defra to cut environment red tape.

    3rd AugustPosted by Louise Taylor

    DEFRA yesterday published plans to reduce the burden of environment rules as the department continues on its mission to cut the red-tape in farming.  Ministers have launced an 8 week consultation period on simplifying Environmental Permitting regulations which aim to control pollution from intensive farming and other outdoor industries. 

    This move continues the direction set last month by Farming Minister, Jim Paice, when he announces a Task Froce to scour the country to identify ways...

  • Farmland prices rise by 6% over first half of 2010.

    3rd AugustPosted by Louise Taylor

    The RICS rural land market survey has announced that strong demand for farmland has boosted prices by 6% over the first half of 2010.  We have seen this first hand having sold a block of 42 acres outside Whitchurch, Shropshire in June for £8k per acre.

    The RICS survey is an 'opinion-based' measure which looks at bare land only and excludes any residential component and shows that prices have risen from £5146/acre to £5476/acre since the start of 2010.  However the 'transaction'based'...

  • Mil from cloned cows went down the drain.

    3rd AugustPosted by Louise Taylor

    Following on from our blog post yesterday about the possibility of milk from cloned cows being on sale in British supermarkets, the Farmers Weekly reports that industry insiders say that any milk from the 100 pedigree dairy cattle born in Britain from the offspring of a cloned cow went down the drain.

    Farm leaders have dismissed the notion that milk from the animals entered the food chain because cattle are reared for breeding, not milking.  At least 97 animals have been born to...

  • Sale of Vyrnwy Estate causes concern for tenants.

    2nd AugustPosted by Louise Taylor

    Vyrnwy Estate is currently on the market with a price tag of around £11m.  The 23,000 acre estate is being sold on a 125 year lease and has 13 farm tenants and 31 residential and commercial tenants.

    Tenants are concerned that the sale of the Vyrnwy Estate by owners Severn Trent Water could lead to major changes in the management of the estate.  Although the current tenancy agreements cannot be changed because they come under the Agricultural Holdings Act 1986, rents could rise when...

  • Local cheesemaker beats Yorkshire producers at their own game!

    2nd AugustPosted by Louise Taylor

    Local Cheshire-based cheesemaker, Joseph Heler, beat Yorkshire cheese producers at the Great Yorkshire Show with its Wensleydale cheese.

    Wensleydale is an ancient British territorial cheese and was originally made at Jervaulx Abbey in Yorkshire by the monks who came to England with William the Conqueror. 

    The Joseph Heler Wensleydale is creamy white in colour with a slightly flaky texture.  Managing Director, Mike Heler, said: "Wensleydale is a cheese that Yorkshire prides...

  • Milk from cloned cows on sale in UK supermarkets.

    2nd AugustPosted by Louise Taylor

    An investigation is to be launced by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) after a British dairy farmer has claimed that supermarkets are selling milk from cloned cows.

    The anonymous farmer allerted the FSA to the alleged illegal practice during an intervierw with the International Herald and Tribune over the weekend.  His claims have resulted in calls for an investigation after he admitted he had been producing milk from the offspring of a cloned cow and selling it into a British...

  • Meat production figures increased.

    23rd JulyPosted by Mike Taylor

    Data from Defra show that the production of red meat and offal increased by 5% iin the first half of 2010 compared to last year.

    Beef and veal production rose by 9%, to almost 460,000t, with slaughterings up by 5% and prime cattle carcass weights more than 10kg higher year on year.

    The Agriculture & Horticultural Development Board's latest report says 'Following the high prices recorded for all classes of store cattle at the spring sales, finishers have taken cattle through...