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  • Are we ready for Brexit?

    24th NovemberPosted by Mike Taylor

    At long last we have the first glimpse at what Brexit might look like and to be honest it does not look too pretty. When I canvassed opinion of my clients and other farmers leading up to the vote, it was clear that about 75% were in favour of leaving, so the result was no surprise to me.  However it took Westminster and the City by complete surprise.

    What voters were not asked is what sort of Brexit they would like.  I think some are now wishing they had been;  what is sauce for the...

  • Price increase from First Milk

    30th AugustPosted by Louise Taylor

    According to a report in the Farmers Guardian, last week First Milk chairman, Clive Sharpe, confirmed that the company will increase its September milk prices by up to 1.25ppl.  In a letter to members he said it was the third month running the processor had raised its prices and signalled that there would be a futher increase in October with details being announced at a serices of member meetings later in September.

    Mr Sharpe commented "With the market recovering and having exited our...

  • Failing to plan could mean planning to fail

    30th AugustPosted by Louise Taylor

    We have all heard the old addage that 'Failing to plan means planning to fail' but are we really listening?  Everyone is talking about succession planning but is anyone actually trying to fathom out what to do?

    Writing in the Farmers Guardian, Helen Gough (Associate in Agricultural and Rural Affairs with MFG Solicitors in Worcester) warns that farmers across the UK could be leaving their children with 'crippling' tax bills after they die.  She goes on to say that complex inheritance...

  • Young Farmers and Brexit

    17th AugustPosted by Louise Taylor

    The National Federation of Young Farmers' Clubs (NFYFC) have launed a new post-Brexit online survey to ensure young peoples' views are considered as part of a future British Agricultural Policy according to the Farmers Guardian.  The survey, available online, hopes to act as a platform to push forwards the views of the industry's next generation with the NFYFC meets with Defra in October to discuss a new potential British Agricultural Policy.

    The survey of open to all Young Farmers'...

  • What next for UK farming after Brexit?

    1st JulyPosted by Mike Taylor

    The City may be in turmoil at Brexit but while the pound drops and interest rates fall, it may not be all bad for agriculture. While Westminster squabbles over leadership and share prices tumble, long term finance from AMC is at its cheapest in living memory and the weak pound has already shored up lamb prices and is likely to do the same for other farming commodities. Farming did well in the 2008 recession and it is likely to do well again now, it is just a question of at what cost to the...

  • Barbers Rural July 2016 Newsletter

    1st JulyPosted by Louise Taylor

    Our latest newsletter with news and views about Brexit, low lending rates from AMC and property for sale.

  • Dairy industry angry at new Government eating guidelines

    17th MarchPosted by Louise Taylor

    The UK dairy industry has responded angrily to new Government eating guidelines that significantly reduce the recommended daily intake of dairy produce, reports the Farmers Guardian.

    The new Eatwell guidelines published by Public Health England recommend that the intake of dairy products should be significantly reduced and should account for just 8% of an individual's daily food intake, down from 12%.  Dairy UK has commented that they are 'baffled' at the change and put the previous...

  • BREXIT - In or Out?

    8th MarchPosted by Mike Taylor

    The gloves are off and the date has been set.  On 23rd June we will decide whether we stay in the EU or not.  Both sides are looking to discredit the other and we now quit the phoney war and move to an intensive debate over the next three and a half months about what it will really mean.

    I feel sure that David Cameron wishes he had never been forced into the manifesto pledge to offer a referendum , but win or lose there is no going back now.  The campaign to stay in is, not...

  • Barbers Rural March 2016 Newsletter

    8th MarchPosted by Louise Taylor

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  • Barbers Auctions introduce new Dairy Sales

    1st MarchPosted by Louise Taylor

    Barbers Rural sister company, Barbers Auctions, are delighted to announce that from tomorrow (02 March 2016) they will be providing a new and improved dairy sale service.  This new venture is between Barbers Auctions and Hassall Brothers and the exclusive partnership draws on the market-leading strengths of both companies, using their complementary services and capabilities to provide a comprehensive and modern market service.  Both parties believe that their partnership firmly demonstrates...