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  • BREXIT - In or Out?

    8th MarchPosted by Mike Taylor

    The gloves are off and the date has been set.  On 23rd June we will decide whether we stay in the EU or not.  Both sides are looking to discredit the other and we now quit the phoney war and move to an intensive debate over the next three and a half months about what it will really mean.

    I feel sure that David Cameron wishes he had never been forced into the manifesto pledge to offer a referendum , but win or lose there is no going back now.  The campaign to stay in is, not...

  • Barbers Rural March 2016 Newsletter

    8th MarchPosted by Louise Taylor

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  • Barbers Auctions introduce new Dairy Sales

    1st MarchPosted by Louise Taylor

    Barbers Rural sister company, Barbers Auctions, are delighted to announce that from tomorrow (02 March 2016) they will be providing a new and improved dairy sale service.  This new venture is between Barbers Auctions and Hassall Brothers and the exclusive partnership draws on the market-leading strengths of both companies, using their complementary services and capabilities to provide a comprehensive and modern market service.  Both parties believe that their partnership firmly demonstrates...

  • Muller cuts milk price

    1st MarchPosted by Louise Taylor

    The Farmers Guardian reports that Muller has cut standard litre milk prices for April by 1.35 ppl, suggesting that there will be unprecedented levels of farm milk production during the Spring, coupled with a weak market demand.

    This announcement, which effectively takes prices to 20.36 ppl comes amid a raft of cuts from the UK's major milk processors.  First Milk and Dairy Crest have announced changes to farmgate milk prices and Arla has handed 12 months' notice to direct supply...

  • Barbers Rural Newsletter February 2016

    16th FebruaryPosted by Louise Taylor
  • Sell Live and Thrive - and help the cashflow on the farm?

    16th FebruaryPosted by Louise Taylor

    Last month an article in the local paper claimed that Shropshire farmers are “hanging on by the skin of their teeth amid the continued crisis gripping the industry”.  At the same time a poignant article in the Business Clinic section of the Farmers Weekly (15/01/16) rightly reports that whilst a business may not be damaged in the short term by lack of profits, lack of cash can, and probably will, have a devastating effect.

    Although payments from the Basic Payment Scheme have now...

  • Who owns the land?

    9th FebruaryPosted by Louise Taylor

    Who owns our land?

    Mike Taylor reports on the background and developments in land ownership in Europe

    The UK farming area is approximately 17.2 million hectares, made up of roughly 212,000 farming units, or holdings, each with an average size of 77ha and receiving an average of £13,500 in EU support.

    In England there are just over nine million hectares of farmland, 30% of which is occupied on tenancies or leases of one year or more and...

  • Harriet Jones - Harper Student at Large!

    9th FebruaryPosted by Louise Taylor

    Harriet Jones – Harper Student at Large!

    Born and raised in the Newport area, the reputation of the Harper Adams culture was well known to me!  It seemed the obvious place to study Rural Estate and Land Management as the countryside is  my passion and the work of a Chartered Surveyor, particularly the valuation aspect of the work, has  always been of interest to me.  I was delighted to be offered a place at this prestigious university but the  thought...

  • Is fracking cracking the planning process?

    21st JanuaryPosted by Louise Taylor

    Is fracking cracking the planning process?
    Objectors in the North West were celebrating in July last year as Lancashire County Council refused planning consent for energy firm Cuadrilla to start fracking for shale gas on a site near Fylde. This was despite a recommendation for approval by the Council’s own planning officers and despite advice from the Council’s own barrister that any attempt to block the application would be unreasonable and likely to be costly....

  • Rural Payments Agency - Where are we up to?

    21st JanuaryPosted by Louise Taylor

    Rural Payments Agency – Where are we up to?
    The new Basic Payment Scheme replaced the old Single Farm Payment Scheme earlier this year although there seemed to be very little ‘basic’ about the administration of it!  The Rural Payments Agency claim to be on track to commence making payments under the scheme in December with a promise of 30,000 farmers being paid on 1st December, although as I write I have not heard of any cheques arriving on farm.  Payments are likely...