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  • Ammonia and Change Management

    1st FebruaryPosted by Louise Taylor

    Clean air will come at a cost

    It is nearly the end of January and although I had hoped that 2019 might embrace a rather more leisurely pace, it seems intent on forging ahead at the break-neck speed with which 2018 departed.  The news, however, has changed little in the last few weeks (and months), with a daily focus on Brexit and the huge challenges faced by Government. Whilst it might seem that the whole of Westminster is singularly fixated on this one, albeit extremely important,...

  • Change is not coming, it is here

    23rd NovemberPosted by Louise Taylor

    Following the Agriculture Bill, we now have an idea of what post-Brexit farming policy and payments might look like.  Basic Payment Scheme payments are likely to be phased out between 2021 and 2027 theoretically giving farmers a window in which to review their business and develop sustainable future plans.  But what does this actually mean?  Farming is a cyclical business by nature and farmers are used to amending their farming practices to cope with outside influences beyond their control...

  • Moving forward with succession

    4th OctoberPosted by Louise Taylor

    Families can be complicated. Not always, but often and particularly where there is a family business involved. In such cases it is not unusual for the bulk of the family wealth to be generated by the family business, say widget production, and often families are able to draw down profit from the business to invest elsewhere. The offspring that want to make widgets do so, those that don’t are allocated other assets.  BINGO! Both succession and inheritance issues sorted. Easy.


  • Property market sees a flurry of activity

    4th OctoberPosted by Louise Taylor

    If I had started to write this article last week, as I probably should have done, I would have been saying that the rural property market remains fairly steady, with some residential property sitting on the books for a while before finding the right buyer.  In some ways this is still true but the last ten days have seen a real flurry of activity with viewings booked all over the weekend and this week starting in the same vein.  So what has changed? 

    The properties are still the same,...

  • The secret to succession planning

    4th OctoberPosted by Louise Taylor

    Is the sale of land and farms the secret to succession planning?

    The market for land and farms remains fairly buoyant in the West Midlands with strong competition for any reasonably sized blocks of land, either with or without buildings or farmsteads.  Traditionally we find that selling land, or any asset for that matter, goes against the grain for most farmers, particularly where farms have been in family ownership for generations and there is an imbedded desire to protect the land...

  • Is rural housing really a barrier to succession planning?

    4th OctoberPosted by Louise Taylor

    Earlier in the summer I was fortunate to be included in the Rural Housing Summit at Highgrove House. I wondered, as I am sure you are, what a housing summit would involve. Well, in short, it was a gathering of a wide variety of professionals all involved with the rural economy in some way.  The day, which was immensely interesting, was predominantly focused on the provision of housing for retired farmers in the future and was a wonderful forum for exploring problems, airing opinions, testing...

  • The vegan, the farmer and the value of land

    4th OctoberPosted by Louise Taylor

    I rarely shout at the radio.  After all the presenter and his guests can’t hear me.  A few weeks ago was an exception.  Listening to a fanatical vegan activist shouting at Jeremy Vine on Radio 2 made my blood boil.  He seemed incapable of having an intelligent and balanced conversation and continually accused farmers of being murderers. Putting aside my personal view of the unsuitability of a totally plant-based diet for the highly-evolved animal that the human being is, my perception of...

  • Why do pasture prices keep on creeping higher?

    13th JunePosted by Louise Taylor

    Read Mike Taylor's insights on the prices of pasture land in a Farmers Weekly article. 

  • Market sees a flurry of activity

    13th JunePosted by Louise Taylor

    Louise Taylor discusses market activity and succession in the Farmers Guardian. 

  • Barbers Rural Newsletter May 2018

    23rd MayPosted by Louise Taylor

    Barbers Rural's latest newsletter with news, views and featured property for sale.