Harper Adams Student Support - Valuation Principles and Practice R5027. Land at Bayley Hills, Newport

Valuation of Agricultural Land at Bayley Hills

Students currently working on the valuation of land at Bayley Hills, Newport please find below information which may assist you. As is often the case there are no exact comparables but I have provided details of those that compare best in terms of location and acreage and sold in 2017. 

All land we have sold within the last year is also accssible via our website and is listed in the 'land and farms' section although exact sold prices and dates will not be shown.

Please find details of most suitable comparables below:

Each internet entry has a link to the full sales particulars and plan in the top right hand corner of the page beneath the main title and price. The sales particulars will bear reference to whether the land is registered within any environmental schemes, whether the BPS entitlements are included, current cropping and any relevant rights of way affecting or benefitting the land.